Lovin My Daughter-in-law Summary

There you have it, the five Secrets to lovin your daughter-in-law, or any relationship you want to improve.

Remember my unicycle example from the Introduction Video? We can’t just watch the videos and read about riding a unicycle. And then jump on one and do it perfectly. There’s a lot of practice involved, building our muscles, falling off, messing it up, and trying again.

That’s the same with Lovin My DIL Course. You can’t just watch the videos and expect everything to change. You gotta try, and practice, and mess it up, and do it again. All the things that I’ve taught you. Now remember the worksheets are right under the videos. Just click on the name of the worksheet and you can print them or download them and they’ll tell you exactly what to.

If you have more than one DIL (or relationship you want to improve), do the things I talk about for each one of them. Remember the five things: DIL T or F (thought or fact), we have the DIL Manual, Me And Then DIL, DIL Play, and DIL Boundaries. You have videos, transcripts, and worksheets for each one. So use them and do them.

Come to the Tuesday Calls, and let’s talk about any situation. Coaching will get you unstuck, less worried, less anxious, and less angry with your DIL and yourself much quicker than you trying to do this all on your own.

In Lovin My Daughter-in-law Program, you’ll also learn all about the model, and a variety of other tools that will strengthen your mental and emotional muscles. This will be the most rewarding work you’ll ever do, for you, your daughter-in-law, and anyone else you care about.

Someone recently told me that I have perfect daughters-in-law. And yes, they’re pretty amazing, but just like me, they’re not perfect. I make the conscious choice to love each of them no matter what. My sons love them. And I get to love them. It’s a decision I have already made. I love each DIL unconditionally. And you know what else? I can still love them, even when they don’t love me. And there’s nothing they can do about it.

So let’s go build the relationship with your DIL, or strengthen the great one you already have. I have a beautiful connection with my daughters-in-law, because I do the five secrets you now have. I do the work, and when I mess it up, I try it again.

Come join me in making your MIL/DIL relationship, or any relationship you’re working on, the best it’s ever been. Here’s to Lovin Me and Lovin My DIL.

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