One to One Coaching

Exclusive 3 Month Coaching Opportunity:

Create results that you never thought possible in 3 months of coaching/mentoring together one to one, working exclusively with a master certified, weight-loss, and trauma informed coach.

*Your relationships will change in the best possible way.
*You will have the skills to reach your weight-loss, money, or any goal you’re working on.
*You will create awareness & acceptance to empower yourself as you experience the here and now.
*And you’ll feel more love for you (which naturally improves all your relationships) than ever before~

Find out how coaching with me has changed these lives

During our one on one time together, we’ll explore anything you’d like. I’m a neutral listener in a safe space, your guide and sounding board, I’ll encourage and cheer you on, and help you be accountable as you accomplish your desires.

This program includes:
~ 3 month time frame
~ 3 forty-five minute calls per month (9 sessions total)
~ Complete access to Connection Crew Monthly Program
~ Voxer or Marco Polo communication with me anytime
(Literally have me in your pocket to ask ANY questions)

This individual coaching is a powerful way to dive deep and enhance your life in countless ways. The cost is $2500 for 3 months. Purchase HERE.

If you’d like to meet and see if this is the right fit for us both, click HERE to schedule a complimentary 30 minute connection session.

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