All the Feels

I have 3 brothers (no sisters) and we have 4 sons (no daughters. until the last 2 years I’ve been blessed with 2 amazing daughter-in-laws.) For most of my life, I’ve pretty much been the only girl. Not a lot of talk about feelings happened with all that testosterone in my home. However, when I […]

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Your Favorite Egg

I’m a big Julia Roberts fan – and some of you may remember the movie Runaway Bride – where Julia (acting as Maggie) would decide what kind of eggs she like based on the guy she was dating at the time. Whatever kind of eggs he liked, would then become what she liked. Julia/Maggie didn’t

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Play in the Gray

I recently taught a workshop about “playing in the gray”, and as I’ve been practicing this in my life, I’ve discovered it’s a great place to play! There is a thought pattern, that you may have noticed in yourself or others. It’s referred to as Black and White Thinking – defined as the inability to

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