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You’re listening to the Love Tidbits Podcast, where you’ll discover a small, tasty, delightful, bite-sized tidbit of love. I’m your host, LeAnn Austin.

Hey Y’all, welcome to Love Tidbits, episode number four: I Can Do Hard Things with Miss Annie

I love observing and connecting with other humans, especially noting how they feel and implement love into their lives. 

We have the amazing Miss Annie sharing some beautiful love insights with us today.

Miss Annie, will you briefly introduce yourself?

A: Yes, I would love to. So I am a mama of three grown adult children, and I have three wonderful sons-in-laws and nine grandchildren. I have seven grandsons and then two precious granddaughters.

My husband and I, we live in Alabama and in Alabama, in the Birmingham area, I’m known as Miss Annie. I have been teaching in school field trips for 25 years. I can’t believe it. Wow. Yeah. So I dress up in costume and I teach, every day I’m at a different school and I teach science. So I might be teaching penguins and polar bears and I dress up like a penguin and we do a blubber and fat experiment, and I go from classroom to classroom doing that. So I’ve done it for 25 years. I visit about 35 different schools and teach about 20,000 kids a year. Oh my goodness. Yes. So wonderful and so amazing and so much fun. And then just during the pandemic, when the schools shut down, then I wasn’t allowed to go into the schools. And so I just tried to figure out, okay, well maybe if it never opens back up to Miss Annie, what then? So I have, in the last year, really been exploring and started a new company called Miss Annie’s Home and Kitchen. And I do videos three times a week on Facebook. And anyway, I teach people just really simple, easy recipes, and that has been so much fun. So I’m doing both currently right now and just really enjoying it so that that’s where that Miss Annie comes in is people know me as Miss Annie.

L: I love how you’ve played Miss Annie into all areas of your life, it sounds like. So that’s so fun, I love it. Okay. Well, I have three questions for you today. So the first one is how do you incorporate love into your business and or your life?

A: Okay. So I learned early on with my Miss Annie business, when I would visit the schools, that it was just so important to show love and to express love to those precious, amazing teachers. And they really have become just, you know, I don’t know. I have the biggest heart for teachers and educators. And so I just learned early on like, I teach these lessons, but every night I come home and I bake and I bake a cookie for all of the principals and the assistant principals. And then the front office, they all get a cookie from Miss Annie, bagged in a cute little bag that says Miss Annie with a cute little bow, and then all of the teachers get one too. And when I go in their classroom, I just take over and I always give them this little cookie. And just, it’s my way of saying, take a minute, take a breath. If you want to step out for a second and grab your diet Coke, do that. And I’ve just found that it’s my way of just showing love to them and for them and who doesn’t love a chocolate chip cookie, it’s like the best every, I mean, chocolate makes the world just go around a little bit better. So, you know, when I started that so many years ago, I didn’t realize at the time how great of an impact that would have, not only for the teachers, but for me too.

Last year again while we didn’t have COVID, I was able to send out some videos and do that sort of thing. But the part that I missed the most was that interaction with the teachers and the part of giving because in the giving, you know, it just, you know, it just shows love and love is a beautiful, beautiful feeling to feel.

I think that’s the thing that I feel like overall with my business. I feel like that’s the reason why it’s also been so successful. I booked a year in advance and I have for years and years and years, and I think it’s just that connection, that part of me being willing to just do a little extra for them. And then they, it just has come back to me so many ways. So, it’s just a beautiful thing.

L: What a blessing you are to all of those schools and all of those teachers and all of those kiddos. That’s amazing. I love the love connection that you’re making with chocolate as well. So that’s super fun.

A: I do bring a treat to every class too, so every my goodness. Every class gets a little treat from Miss Annie also. And it might be like tomorrow, I’m teaching penguins and polar bears at a school. And so each class I put all of the little kids to sleep. They’re like little penguins before I head out the door. And then I leave a little bag of penguin food for them.

So there’s a connection there with these sweet littles, you know? So it is a very sweet thing. It’s in the, it’s a beautiful exchange and I’m telling you. Just being able to be in the, in the classroom this year and be with these precious students. It is, you know, little ones don’t they just give love so easily, right. And it is, it is truly a blessing for me.

L: Well, and you must love to bake because as you’re doing that and as well as your other job, I know that’s a lot of baking and stuff involved in a cookbook as well, right?

A: I do, you know, I do love to bake. I mean, I do it every day and I, I make all these, I make pumpkin bread in the fall for when I’m not doing cookies, I’m doing pumpkin bread in the fall and that’s kind of something that I’m famous for, but yeah, it was an easy transition into the Miss Annie’s Home and Kitchen. Like, if you had told me in a year ago that I would have a cookbook out and then I would be doing this, I would have just been so surprised and then yet not surprised. Because twenty-five years ago, if you’ve been told me that I would be Miss Annie and do this for 25 years and have this sweet, precious, successful business. I don’t know that I would have believed you then, but since I’ve done it before, I can see how I can make it possible to do the Miss Annie’s Home and Kitchen. Like, it’s kind of cool, how, you know, when you’ve done something a little bit before and created it before, it’s a little bit easier to do it the second even though it’s different. Does that make sense? And I liked how you correlated that for me even just saying what you bake and then you’re doing this and you’re right LeAnn, it’s come together.

Well, and love has been all along the way in all of it. Yes, for sure. That is beautiful.

L: Okay. Question number two. What is something you love about you and why?

A: Okay. I love this question because I’ve been thinking about it actually a little bit. And, so I’m 55 and when I was younger and I think it’s something that we all have to think about and wrestle with and struggle with, and that’s about loving ourselves, and I, in my younger years, you know, especially in my twenties, I was not very nice to myself, you know, and I think I almost felt like I was supposed to like criticize myself and look for those faults and stuff. But there came a time in my life when I was just like I’m not doing that anymore. Like I’m beating myself up and why, and I think if I could go back to my younger years. So if there’s other people who are listening now that are younger, I would say if you find that the conversations that you’re having with yourself are belittling and negative, like, would you ever say those things to anyone else and you never would, and being a mom of three daughters, like I would never say to them what I used to say so easily to myself.

So in the more, probably 15 ish years, I have really learned to just like, love myself, love the things that I don’t really care. Like, I looked in the mirror the other day and I was like, oh, that skin is getting very thin and wrinkly underneath my, um, on my neck. And, but then instead of being not nice about that, I was like, that’s part of it and that’s beautiful and you’re a grandmother and it’s okay. And I don’t know. I’ve just, I think that’s the thing that I like about myself now is that I am willing to just love all of me and I’m, I’m good. And I’m my own best friend. I know how to support me. And how to love me and, how to cheer myself on. And while it’s fun to have other people say, like, you know, your husbands say something or a friend say, or whatever, like, it really matters when you believe it for yourself. And I’ve gotten better at that. And good at that for myself.

L: I love that so much Annie. Thank you. Thank you. What a beautiful thing to love about you to really just truly love everything about you and notice that and thank you for sharing your journey with that. That’s beautiful. All right. Before I ask you the last question, is there anything else you’d like to share? And then also, where can people go to find out more about you?

A: Okay. So I would love for people if people want to come, just kind of see what I’m up to. You can just go to I’m on Instagram, at Miss Annie’s Home and Kitchen and the and it is written out. Okay. On Facebook it will be Miss Annie’s Home and then a plus sign. So Miss Annie’s plus Kitchen. So miss Annie’s Home + Kitchen. Does that make sense?

Yes, and we’ll put this in the show notes too. Yes.

Thank you. So yes, they can just go there and just kind of check out what I’m doing and, of course, I’d love to just communicate with people and just anyway, the part of the Miss Annie’s Home and Kitchen, maybe I guess that I would like to share is, um, You’ll see me on there wearing some shirts that say I can do hard things. And my husband and I, he had a massive stroke eight years ago, going on eight years ago. And he was supposed to die from all of the things that happened and some complications. And it’s a miracle that he’s here and that he has recovered so well. But during that time, during the stroke while he was in ICU and then in recovery, at the rehabilitation center, we just really relied on those mottoes: Stronger Every Day and I Can Do Hard Things.

And so while Miss Annie’s Home and Kitchen is about, teaching and showing people how to do some really simple meals, cause I’m all about some simple things and easy things. And I think probably my target people who are, are probably my middle school teachers and, I had a little teacher send me some pictures today of her daughter holding up a little cookbook and so excited to cook all these things in it. And so that’s fun. But the other part of my message is, just sharing with people that they can do hard things and hard things can mean really fun things like, writing a cookbook and launching it, or beginning your coaching practice or trying to run a marathon or trying to get out the door and walk two miles.

Like really good things that are hard. Like you can do those hard things, but also if you have the more devastating things in your life, like a stroke. We have a grandson with a congenital heart defect and he’s had three open heart surgeries and you know, all of that there’s struggle in life and it’s, you know, part of it’s going to be great. And part of it’s not, and that wrestle that we have in our lives, like we can do those hard things. And I have a very strong faith in God, and I know that has helped me through so many things so, that might’ve been more than what you were asking for. That’s perfect. I think, I think that’s part of the message that I’ve been called to share and so I just, I really believe that the Lord blesses you and your lives within your life with gifts and talents and abilities and, He wants you to be successful. And He, He just, if you’re willing to look, you’ll see that He is just showering you with inspiration and revelation all the time, and you just have to be willing to be open to it and walk and walk through those doors. That sometimes it can be scary, but you can do hard things.

L: Yes. I love that you found the love in doing hard things and sharing that message with countless. That’s amazing. Beautiful. All right. Last question, which you may have sort of answered, but you tell me, what is your favorite question or quote about love?

A: Okay. I, you know, my big quote is Stronger Every Day and I Can Do Hard Things. It’s just something that is so embedded in me and part of my life. But there is another quote and it’s, you know, I love, I love Reese Witherspoon. I think she’s precious. And there’s a quote that it has just one little sentence and it says, “You always gain by giving love.” There’s no downside ever right, to showing and giving love to others and to yourself, like there’s just no downside to it. And so the better we are at expressing love, showing love, being willing to give ourselves love and grace, then it just, you know, it just makes our lives so much richer and so much fuller.

L: Hmmm, something to think about for sure. I love that quote as well. Thank you for sharing that.

All right Miss Annie, thank you for sharing your tidbits of love with us. So grateful that you were here with us today.

A: Thank you so much. And I am what a treasure for me to be on here with you. I have been watching your journey, and it’s been so much fun to see and to watch, and I’m so grateful to be a part of it. So thank you for inviting me.

L: Ahhh, my pleasure.

All right y’all, have a good one ~ and here’s to love.

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