Episode 92: Transitionally Speaking with Kim Weinreb

 My beautiful friend Kim Weinreb shares love and relationship insights today. More information at: transitionallyspeaking.com

Welcome to Lovin My Daughter-in-law Podcast, where my mother-in-law, relationship expert and master certified coach, LeAnn Austin, will help you create more love and connection with your daughter-in-law and everyone else you care about.

Hey y’all, welcome to Lovin My Daughter-in-law, Episode #92: Transitionally Speaking with Kim Weinreb

I love observing and connecting with other humans, especially noting how they feel and implement love into their lives and their relationships.

We have the amazing Kim sharing some beautiful love and relationship insights with us today. Alright Kim, briefly introduce yourself.

Hi LeAnn. Thanks for having me on your podcast. This is so fun. I am originally from Utah, but we have lived in Georgia for 19 years. The first nine years we’re in Douglasville and the last 10 years we’ve been in Peachtree City. I’m married to Todd. I have two kids, Sam, who is 24 and he has special needs. And Abby, who is almost 21, she’s a junior in college right now in Indiana.

So fun. I love it. And Kim’s amazing. And I guess we’ll hear more about you as we go. So question number one, how do you incorporate love into your business and life and how does that impact your relationships?

Well, I started a small business last year. For the past five or six years or so, I’ve been doing transition meetings for parents who have teens with special needs. And when you move from childhood supports and services into adult supports and services in the special needs world, it’s very complicated. They call it falling off a cliff or graduating to the couch.

So I started hosting these meetings for parents to talk about all the things that happen when your child transitions, and so I decided to start a small business, mainly because there’s a need, there’s a huge need that parents just don’t know what’s happening once their kids leave the school system.

And since I’m a mother to a son with special needs, I love this population and I want to help serve them as well and help kind of direct them down a path that would be helpful for them. I think so many people know somebody with special needs. Whether it’s at your church, in your neighborhood, in your circle of friends, or your family. And we just need to love on this population. They’re one of the more vulnerable populations and they need all the love they can get.

Oh, I so agree. And I love how much you’re doing with this. Not only for your own son Sam, but for everyone around you. So cool. Thank you. Alright, number two, what is something you love about you and why?

Why is this so much easier to do for somebody else other than yourself? I don’t know. I guess for me, I love that I am observant of those in need I think. I like just to watch and listen and find an opportunity to show love, to give a little act of service, to show a little kindness. I think I’m pretty good at that.

You are really good at that. Yes. Thank you. I totally agree. Kim amazes me with the kind, simple, quiet things she does for so many people. So yes, I love that you recognize that too. That’s cool.

Thanks, I think if we open our eyes, which right now in this day and age there are so many people in need, it doesn’t take but a minute to see something that you could do to serve somebody else.

Yeah. Well, you’re a beautiful example of that. So thank you. Alright, number three. I love talking all things daughter-in-law, so any thoughts you have about being a daughter-in-law or anything about daughter-in-laws?

Well, I will never have a daughter-in-law cause Sam will probably never marry. But I am a daughter-in-law. I have an amazing mother-in-law, Judy Easterly, and she has said many times over the last 28 years that she doesn’t have daughters-in-law, she has daughters.

So she considers all of us just her daughters, and she just does fun things, whether she texts or sends a card. I have gotten cute gifts in the mail that have said, thanks for staying married to Todd. Just fun things that let me know that she appreciates and loves me. And so she is an excellent example of what a wonderful mother-in-law is like.

Ah, that’s so fun that she does that. Thanks for staying married to Todd. I love that. We all need one of those gifts, don’t you think? I totally agree. And I’ll have to remember to do that with my daughters-in-law. That’s so fun. So anything else you’d like to share? Just any stories or anything? And also, where can our audience go to find out more about you?

I created my own website, it’s: www.transitionallyspeaking.com. It just kind of shares what I do as part of a transition meeting for many of my families. And I also do, I think I have an Instagram, which I’m not on it as much as I should be @transitionally.speaking.

But kind of one of my favorite things that I do with my son, I have a hashtag for him, called texting with Sam #textingwithsam And he loves to text me all the time, and some of the things he texts, I just have to screenshot it and I put it on Instagram and I make chat books out of it. And I’m on my fourth volume, and each book has 60 pages. It just makes me laugh and in turn I think it makes many other people laugh, and just changes moods and makes people happy. And I really enjoyed that little aspect of our lives together.

You are so good at doing this, like giving Sam every kind of opportunity imaginable. And I highly encourage anyone to check out that #textingwithsam. We were on vacation a few months ago and talking to some relatives about it, like oh you gotta check this out. And we pulled it up and we started looking at all this stuff. I think it’s so fun that you take that situation and just make it enjoyable and relatable for everyone to just love. So I love that you do that.

Thank you. It is fun. I consider myself a published author now of four volumes of texting with Sam. You definitely are, and I think people would pay money for that, so something to sell for sure. I wish they would. I wish they would pay money for that. I love it. Ah, alright, so what is your favorite quote about love, and how have you used it for yourself and in your relationships?

Well, one that always comes to mind, and it’s not a quote, it’s just lyrics to a song, and it’s a Beatles song, so everyone knows “All you need is love.” And I always think of that when, you know, you hear the word love and that automatically comes to my mind, because really, that’s truly all we need in this world is love.

But I was also looking up some quotes and just kind of looking at some different ones, and I found one, the name of the author is Angelita Lim and she says, “I saw that you were perfect and so I loved you. Then I saw that you were not perfect and I loved you even more.”

And I really love that because the world is just full of imperfect people doing the best that we can. And our job is to love them. Now, there may be times that we don’t like them, but we need to love those around us. I love that.

I loved you even more. Hmm, something to think about. Thank you Kim, for sharing your love insights with us. So appreciate you and all that you do. Thank you LeAnn. It’s been an honor to be with you.

Have a good one y’all, and here’s to transitionally speaking, and all you need is love.

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