Episode 70: What Would You Do Now?

Eilat Aviram wrote an amazing book that is the perfect question to ask ourselves every day: If you loved yourself what would you do now?

In my Lovin Me Program for June, we’ll be honing in on the specifics of Eilat’s book and exploring what loving ourselves has to do with work, body, health, food, money, sex, and parenting. Would love to have you join us!

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Welcome to Love Tidbits, episode #70: What Would You Do Now?

I’m not sure how I didn’t hear about this book sooner, but so grateful to Shaina for recommending it. I love and use a similar question every day, and I love how Eilat incorporates the question: “If you loved yourself what would you do now?” into every aspect of our life. This book is a multimedia experience, as she has short meditation videos to help with intention for each chapter. There are links throughout the book to download checklists and chapter summaries, and all of those resources are free. So I highly recommend reading this book and checking all the other things out that go along with it.

Now I got a kick out of her warning at the beginning of the book as well, it says, “reading this book will cause a rapid increase in self-love – almost without you realizing it – whether you’re a beginner at this loving yourself thing or already advanced.”

Now you may be thinking, Hey LeAnn, I’m good. I love myself, and this is not for me, and maybe it’s not. And, also notice that lack of self-love can manifest itself in many ways. These are some clues that you may not really be loving yourself:

You avoid setting goals because you are afraid you won’t achieve them. You’re in a relationship where your child, partner, family member, or friend needs to change. You say yes when you’d really like to say no. You’re not happy with your body and wish you looked different. You don’t have enough clients or make the money you’d like to in your business. You are overwhelmed or stuck. You don’t do what you’d like to do and mostly do what others want instead. And you don’t like your job.

Now, none of these are a problem. They’re just simply an opportunity to increase the love you feel for yourself, which also increases the love you feel for everyone around you.

In my Lovin Me program for June, we’ll be honing in on, “If you loved yourself what would you do now?” As we specifically look at the areas Eilat talks about in her book: work, body, health, food, money, sex, and parenting. As we explore what we’re doing now in those areas, and what loving ourselves has to do with each of them as well. Join our Lovin Me community, if you’re ready to listen more intensely to your own internal wisdom, and create the life that you truly long for.

Remember my light switch trick? I love the active self-love exercise that Eilat shares, that you can tie in with turning on a light, or looking in the mirror, or whatever works best for you. She says, “One of the most powerful ways you can love yourself is to actively say nice and loving things to yourself in your mind. Deliberately tell yourself the things you wish you heard from others.”

This for me, is turning on a light multiple times a day, and telling myself one thing I love or appreciate about me. And when I’m really frustrated, I’ll go stand by the light switch and try to think of lots of things I appreciate as I turn the light on and off and on and off. This little light refocus works like magic for me and many of my clients, and it ties right in with Eilat’s question, “If you loved yourself what would you do now?”

My favorite quote from her book is this: “You are the gift you have to give the world. Just you, as you are – the unique combination of thoughts, behaviors, intentions, hopes, feelings, and experiences that is you. It absolutely serves you better – serves all of us better – if you listen to yourself and allow yourself to simply be you. If you try to live as anyone other than yourself, we all lose out.” Hmm, something to think about.

Have a good one, y’all ~ and here’s to what would you do now and love.

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