Episode 66: I Did All That For This?!

 Do you ever do all the things, and it turns out not even close to what you expected?

Sara Payne’s Book I Did All That For This?! will help you navigate the frustration, resentment, and disappointment that we all feel.  I highly recommend this book.

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Hey y’all, welcome to Love Tidbits, episode #66: I Did All That For This?! 

Have you ever felt like you’ve worked so hard and done all the things to arrive at some certain dreamy place, and then it wasn’t at all what you’d hoped for?

My friend and colleague Sara Payne, wrote a book entitled, I Did All That For This?! that I highly recommend. The target audience is spouses of physicians, but I think Sara’s insights, stories, and prescriptions will benefit everyone. 

One of the most intriguing takeaways for me was Sara’s chapter on resentment. She mentioned “resentment is interesting because it’s a mix of anger and silent superiority. It often shows up as passive aggressive behavior. It feels terrible, but it also feels powerful. Much more powerful than vulnerability, failure, disappointment, or fear. So we choose it, and it completely disconnects us from ourselves and our spouses.”

Sara goes on to talk about ways to cure resentment in your marriage. And notes how it will free up so much space in your brain to focus on what you want to contribute to the world. 

Another of my favorite chapters is your relationship with yourself is the one that matters most. I totally agree that creating a loving relationship with yourself will be the foundation of every other relationship you have.

Sara shares lots of great stories, fun quotes, and easy activities and writing prompts throughout her book.  She also hones in on your relationship with your spouse, your kids, friends, time, money, and your future. And I love Sara’s prescription takeaways at the end of every chapter. 

The time chapter was so interesting to me as well, and reminded me of sneaky thoughts I sometimes have about time. That there’s not enough of it, and that I’m not using it as effectively as I could or should. And Sara shares more great examples of comparing time schedules, and why it’s important to put self-care first when planning our schedule. 

Again, I highly recommend the book, I Did All That For This?! I love this quote from Sara, “Taking time to appreciate yourself instead of waiting for others to do it first, is a really loving thing to do for yourself.”  Hmm, something to think about. 

Have a good one y’all, and here’s to “I did all that for this” exploration, and love. 

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