Episode 54: Unblended

 Love the book Unblended by the amazing Mindy Neal

Highly recommend reading this book and enjoy a little tidbit about it.

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Hey y’all, welcome to Love Tidbits, episode #54: Unblended 

Most of you have probably used or seen a blender. You put individual larger items in, push a button, and it mixes everything together into tiny particles, or a drink, or whatever.

Well, I just finished reading an amazing book called Unblended. I love that title by the way, by Mindy Neal.  Mindy wrote this book for women who are blending families, who have kids, have been divorced, remarried someone with kids, and are stepmoms. However, I think this book is extremely valuable for anyone who puts marriage and family at the top of their priority list.

I love Mindy’s analogy about unblended versus blended, and how often keeping things unblended can be a beautiful thing. Mindy is real. She shares heartbreaking and hilarious stories. She gives simple exercises for us, the reader, to implement wherever we are in our family journey. 

Mindy teaches about the Model, created by Brooke Castillo. This is a foundational tool that I too use, to create awareness and acceptance with our thoughts and feelings. Loving ourselves is intertwined throughout the book, which y’all know that I love talking about.  

Mindy mentions, “when someone loves you exactly as you are without trying to change you or make you better, without criticizing the way you do things or who you are, it feels so good that you want to be better, to try harder, to love more.  When someone loves you this way, it brings out the best in you.”  Mindy gives specific ways to help you do this for yourself and for others. So if you want to read an excellent book, I highly recommend Unblended. 

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One of my favorite quotes from Mindy; “When you embrace your separateness, you get to look for how you are better together in both your marriage and your family.”  Hmmm, something to think about. 

Have a good one y’all, and here’s to unblended and love. 

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