Episode 51: Enjoyable You

 Do you wish you were different than you are?  What if you could enjoy being you, exactly as you are right now?

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Hey y’all, welcome to Love Tidbits, Episode #51: Enjoyable You 

Most of us want to be different than we are. We want to change this, or be better at that, or stop doing whatever.  Sometimes in our quest to be or do things another way, we miss out on enjoying the beautiful experience of being ourselves. 

What if you were excited to wake up every morning, and get to be who you are right now, without any changes? This is what we’ll be focusing on in February in my Lovin Me Program. Join us there if you’re ready to enjoy being you right now.

Do you sometimes have thoughts like these…
I should be smarter.
I should be more athletic.
I should be better looking.
I should be more outgoing, or less outgoing.
I’m too fat, lazy, tall, short, awkward, skinny.
I’m not organized, or I’m too organized.
I should have had different parents, different teachers, or different friends.
There are things in my life that are terribly wrong. 

Notice how it’s so much easier for us to believe these things, than it is to celebrate what is, as if it was meant to be that way. 

All humans have an idea of how it’s “supposed” to be. We know what “should” be going on with our lives. We have an image of how we are supposed to look. We know how the world should work. We believe there should be more good and less bad. We spend a lot of time upset that our life isn’t matching up with how we think it should be in our heads. 

A little side note here. Notice how many times I just said the word “should”.  Take a listen to my Should Podcast Episode #37, to discover how to stop shoulding all over yourselves.

Okay, back to where we were. Notice when we have an image in our minds of how our spouse should treat us, or our parents should have raised us, or how the government should be different, and how everything is ruined. Ruined compared to what? To the idea of what life should be and how we should be?  Hmmm

This tends to be a little, well, a lot more exaggerated when you compare your life to other people’s. Often you will have the story that their life is better than yours. You will think that because they have the things, or the look, or the business, or the family.  They are doing their life right and enjoying their life more than you are. 

But guess what? That is not true. I have learned this myself and coached hundreds of clients on this. We think it’s better there, but really it’s the same as it is here. Life is 50/50. The topics may be different, but the misery still exists. No one really has a “better” life than you. No one. 

What if we let go of the idea that life is supposed to be easy and happy and good, and instead expected it to be hard?
What if we stopped arguing with the way it is and started enjoying the way it is?
What if we stopped rejecting the way we are, and started enjoying ourselves the way we are right now? 

In my Lovin Me Program for February, we’ll be exploring the value of enjoying you and your life right now. Noticing and eliminating some of the shoulds that create a lot of judgment and disappointment.

Could it be possible that you could be excited to wake up every morning and get to be who you are right now, without any changes? Yes, it is! Join me in Lovin Me and I’ll show you how. 

Katie McGarry shared some great questions we can ask ourselves:  “How many more of us are faking the facade?
How many more of us are pretending to be something we’re not?
Even better she said, how many of us will have the courage to be ourselves regardless of what others think?”  
Hmmm, something to think about. 

Have a good one y’all, and here’s to enjoying you and to love. 
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What would it feel like to finish your goals, enjoy your relationships, especially with your daughter-in-law, appreciate your body, and embrace being you?  Join my Lovin Me Program today, and see yourself in a whole new way. 

You’re already really good at loving others. I’ll help you become an expert at loving you. More information at leannaustin.com

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