Episode 48: I’m Just the Right Amount with Amanda Louder

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You’re listening to the Love Tidbits Podcast, where you’ll discover a small, tasty, delightful, bite-sided tidbit of love ~ I’m your host, LeAnn Austin 

Hey y’all, welcome to Love Tidbits, episode #48: I’m Just the Right Amount with Amanda Louder 

We have the amazing Amanda Louder, sharing some beautiful love insights with us today. Alright Amanda, briefly introduce yourself. 

Hi LeAnn, I’m so happy to be here. So yes, I’m Amanda Louder. I am a sex coach for conservative Christian women and I help them learn to embrace their sexuality and love their sex life. So I love to help women really incorporate a better sex life into their relationships.

On a personal side, I’ve been married to my amazing husband Kevin, for 10 years.  It’s a second marriage for both of us, and we have a blended family of five kids that range in age from 14 to 23. And we live in Salt Lake City. 

Awesome.  And you are helping women everywhere. I love that you’ve helped me, and I know you’ve helped so many. So cool. Yes. I love it. Thank you. Alright, so first question, how do you incorporate love into your business and or your life? 

Well, I think my entire business is about love.  I would have to agree. That’s a lot about love. Yes, so I always talk to women that in order to have a good sexual relationship, they need to first have a healthy relationship with themselves, which means loving themselves and all parts of themselves, including their sexuality.  To have a healthy relationship with their spouse, which means loving their spouse and really seeking to not just love them, but know them and be willing to be open and vulnerable themselves with their spouse.  And then love their sex life. And that means understanding their bodies, understanding what sex looks like for them, what it means to them, creating deeper meaning in their sexual relationships so they can truly love that part of their life and their relationship. So love goes into every aspect of what I do. 

Oh, that is beautiful. So business and personal life, it’s in everything. It totally is. I mean, my whole life is about love too. Loving my husband, loving my kids, loving my friends, loving everybody around me. And I love that coaching has really taught me how to actually love people unconditionally, and to stop judging them, and to really embrace them and whoever they are. Like I’ve found that I don’t have problems with as many people because I’ve learned how to actually love them despite all of our inadequacies I guess, we all have them.

Absolutely. We all have them, and I love that we can still love unconditionally and be humans and have all this stuff. Yes. Awesome. Alright, so what is something you love about you and why? 

So this has been a really interesting journey for me, in coming to love myself. So, my entire life I’ve been told that I’m too much. I’m too bold, I’m too loud, I’m just too everything. And it’s something that I have not loved about myself for a very long time because I saw other people not being able to love me because of that. And so it’s something that I tried to change about myself for a very long time, and really tried to play small and not be so much, in so many aspects of my life.  

But as I have been learning to love myself more, I’ve actually realized what a gift that is for myself.  That God created me that way, so that I could speak boldly about this message that I give to my clients and to my community. And without that too muchness, I wouldn’t be able to speak the way that I do. And so it’s really become an asset instead of a liability, and it’s something that I’ve actually learned to really love about myself. 

And I love that about you too, because there are not very many people that would speak as boldly as you do about sex and everything. And I thank you for having the courage to do that and to be too much or whatever we want to call it.  

Well, I don’t think I’m too much anymore. I think I’m just the right amount for the message that I need to give to people. Yes, I totally agree. That’s awesome. Alright, before I ask you the last question, is there anything else you want to share, and where can our audience go to find out more about you?

Yeah, I love the work that you do LeAnn, because I think that really loving ourselves and loving others is just essential to our life here on earth. And so I love that about that. But I, if you’re interested in what I have to offer, learning more or working with me, so I have a few different options.  I have a podcast called Sex for Saints.  We have almost 250 episodes, so it’s crazy.  And they’re good.  Yeah, and that’s been really an exciting part of my journey with this is having this podcast available to anyone who wants to listen. 

I’ve also recently just launched a new subscription podcast where you can actually hear me coaching other women and maybe even couples on sex, so that you can hear it and start to incorporate those things into your own life. And I’ve just learned that people love to interact with me because it’s about sex from the privacy of their own homes or cars or wherever they are with their phones. And so the podcast is just another, the subscription podcast is another way for them to interact with me in a different way.

And then, in addition to that, I have my Embrace You Elite Society membership. Which is a membership for women who want to better their relationship with themselves, and their sexuality, and their spouse. So the doors are currently closed right now, but I will be running some specials coming up, so they’ll open and close. So if you want to get on the wait list for when they open, you can go to amanda louder.com/membership. And in there there’s video courses. We do weekly live coaching where you can volunteer to be coached or you can just come watch others be coached.  There’s classes every month, and you get the backlog of everything that I’ve ever done in the membership. So there’s plenty to keep you going for as long as you want. 

Excellent, and I know you do some retreats now and then too, that I was able to come to with my daughters-in-law. That is so good. So if anyone gets an opportunity to do that as well, those are fantastic. Yes, so if you want to come to a retreat, you can just go to my website and go to events and the retreats are there. The next retreat is in February and it is already sold out. So you’ll have to get on the wait list for the next one. Super. I love it. Alright and I’ll put this information in the show notes as well. Awesome, thank you. 

Okay and the last question, what is your favorite quote about love? 

So, I mean, it’s about love, but it’s not about love, but it’s; whatever you’re missing in your relationship is what you are not bringing. So really, like so many times we want our spouse to be the one to change, and we’re like this is missing in my relationship. And so it really just turns it back to you, like what are you not bringing to the relationship that’s actually the missing piece.  Hmmm, something to think about.  

Thank you Amanda, for sharing your tidbits of love with us, so appreciate it. Thank you LeAnn.  

Have a good one y’all, and here’s to discovering what you want to do with your relationship, and to love. If you’re enjoying this podcast, please share and leave a review, to help others hear tidbits of love. 

What would it feel like to finish your goals, enjoy your relationships, especially with your daughter-in-law, appreciate your body, and embrace being you. 

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