Episode 46: Wife on Purpose

 One of my new favorite books Wife On Purpose ~ A great marriage how-to handbook by Candice Toone that I highly recommend.

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Hey y’all, welcome to Love Tidbits, episode #46: Wife on Purpose 

I recently finished a Trauma-Informed Coach Certification with Candice Toone.  I have always admired Candice and her incredible coaching. Working closely with her has taken my coaching to a whole new level and I’ll forever be grateful. 

I also discovered she wrote a book called Wife on Purpose, and I just finished reading it. What a fantastic book. If you’re wondering how to be more intentional as a wife, to get what you truly desire, and to improve your relationship with your spouse, no matter what situation you’re in, I highly recommend reading this book.
I like to highlight main points in books I’m reading for later reference. There is so much in here that I highlighted, I had to stop, it’s one of my most yellow books. 

Anyway, Candice helps women stop wondering if they married the wrong guy, and start building the marriage they thought they’d had when they said, “I do.”  Even if you’re sure that you married the right guy, this book has tools that will help everyone.  
Candice has so many fun and relatable analogies. One of my very favorites was this one. Candice shares that when something in your marriage seems to need fixing, and you’re believing that the problem shouldn’t be happening at all, you often feel some version of fear.  To illustrate this, she talks about a baby teething…

Teething hurts.  The baby cries. No one responds with, “oh no. How could this happen? We gotta make it stop.” If we did respond that way, we would have a terrifying first couple years of the child’s life. Most of us expect the pain of teething as part of human development, so we keep our sense of control and don’t normally freak out when we see our baby swollen gums.
We may question the teething process, but we don’t normally go on a wild defensive crusade to make teething stop all together. We know it’s coming, and we get ready to ease the baby suffering with cold chewy things, medicine and snuggles. 
Because we accept that teething is supposed to happen, we spend very little time trying to prevent it or change it. We anticipate it, stock up on comfort tools, and love on our littles through it all. 
We don’t blame ourselves or the baby because teething isn’t our favorite thing. Instead, we take responsibility for handling teething like a pro. Candice shares, that it is our option to view the challenges of married life through the same lens we use for teething.

If marital scuffles were openly acknowledged to be as non-threatening as teething, it’s likely that we’d move through them more easily, and feel more curious and confident as we go.  We’d spend very little time trying to prevent or change them. We’d anticipate them, stock up on comfort tools, and love ourselves through it all. So good. Thank you, Candice! 

Now, if you’re wondering how in the world do I love myself when my relationship with a spouse, or my daughter-in-law, or someone close to me is a mess? This is what I do in my Lovin Me Program. I help you increase the love you feel for yourself, which strengthens your relationship with everyone else.

One of my favorite quotes from Candice’s incredible book, Wife on Purpose is this: “You always have a good reason for everything you think, feel and do. Take responsibility for figuring out what your reasons are, then follow those reasons with courage and conviction.”  Hmmm, something to think about. 

Have a good one y’all ~ and here’s to being a wife on purpose and to love. If you’re enjoying this podcast, please share and leave a review, to help others hear tidbits of love. 

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