Episode 44: Put Yourself in Their Shoes with Trish Meek

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Hey y’all, welcome to Love Tidbits, episode #44: Put Yourself in Their Shoes with Trish Meek 

I love observing and connecting with other humans, especially noting how they fill and implement love into their lives.

We have the amazing Trish sharing some beautiful love insights with us today. Alright Trish, briefly introduce yourself. 

T: Well, my name is Trish Meek. I live in Georgia. I’ve also lived in South Dakota and Colorado.  I’m in my mid fifties.  I enjoy going to church and I love doing things for people, and I like to bake when I can.

L: I love it, and I’ve been the recipient and seeing Trish doing lots of things for people, and I love that about her. Trish is filled with love, so thank you. Alright, so I’m going to ask you three questions. The first one is, how do you incorporate love into your business and/or your life? 

T: Well, the questions that you gave me ahead of time so I could think about my answers, I found very difficult and thought provoking, and I really had to think about my answers because I really don’t think about what I do, I just kind of do what I do. So my answer is, I try to put myself in other people’s shoes. That way it helps me understand them better and so I can relate and connect with them on their level if I can. 

And in return, it also helps me become a better person because I can only go by what I have experienced in my life. And there’s so many other experiences out there that I haven’t had the chance to experience, good or bad. And I think by trying to put their shoes on, you can find more compassion, more patience and empathy. So I think for me, that is really important. And honestly, that’s something, wow, I forgot about that. A very long time ago I was having a conversation with the Lord and I had asked to try to help me with that actually.  I’d forgotten about that, but it has served me well. So that’s my answer. 

L: That’s so beautiful. So served you well in trying to put yourself in other people’s shoes. 

T: Yeah, so it’s been able, because whether you’re homeless or famous, you know, we’re all the same. You know, we’re all the same people. And you know, I’ve never been famous and I thank God I haven’t been homeless, but I could have the same conversations and get to know the beauty in their heart. And so, yeah, it has served me quite well, as in being able to relate with my fellow man.

L: That’s so beautiful, Trish, thank you. Alright, the second question, what is something you love about you and why?  

T: This was the hardest one.  I finally learned how to truly forgive people who have hurt me, especially for painful things.  Because especially when it’s like friends or family, you know, that you love and trust and put them on a pedestal.  Even though they’re human, you know, you kind of forget that when you do that, just because you know, we do that with people you know, unintentionally. And when they disappoint you or hurt you, your feelings really get hurt because you don’t realize, it’s like, how could you do that to me? cuz I wouldn’t do that to you. But because we’re human. And it took me many years to totally learn how to forgive cuz you can forgive, but you’re always harboring something.

But once you can achieve that, your heart is, transformed for a better word. It’s like you no longer have that pain or that irritation when you see that person. Or if it was something that they did that you see someone else do, it doesn’t bring up those anger issues or that hurt issue that you might have.

But there’s a trick to that I found out that recently happened to me, cuz you get tested on that,   and for example, somebody hurt me again, same person, and I know it wasn’t intentionally, but it was just like, okay, can I forgive them right away? You know, it’s like, are all those feelings from the past, from another incident? Is that going to take and start on fire again? Thank God it didn’t. You know, I’m very grateful for that. But, I found out that can be a multi-level learning lesson. 

L: Absolutely. And what a superpower to be able to forgive others. 

T: It is, but I meant it took me, probably a couple decades to learn how to really fully forgive, where you can truly love that person for the person that they are, and not remember the pain that they caused you, which can take a long time.  

L: And was there some, like you said, some little trick or something that’s helped you do that? 

T: No, just not wanting to have that in my life because, when you thought of that person, you always had that, for lack of a better way, an irritation. And, I’m one of those people that my heart and my mind have to be in the same place, otherwise I’m not okay. And so I didn’t like not having that, my heart and my mind not being at the same place with that, so it was something I had to work on with that particular person. 

L: So it’s more like being in alignment with yourself, and really the forgiving others is helping you. 

T: Yeah. It totally helps you, because that person may or may not know they hurt you. And it did help me because then I’m at peace now. I’m at peace with that person and that’s what I want because, you know, I love this person. It’s just, you know, it’s sometimes it’s very hard to love someone when you’re angry or hurt. And it’s not a place I like to be. 

L: Ah, that’s beautiful. What an amazing superpower, Trish. That’s great. Alright, so before I ask you the last question, anything else you’d like to share?  

T: Just always try to love people. You know, I, some people are hard to love, but you know, I think if you take time to see where they’re coming from, or look through their glasses, or their pain or hurt, I think it can help you love that person more.

L: Yeah, and you’ve had some pretty tough experiences in your life and I think that’s amazing how you still, you still choose love. 

T: Yeah, because for me, that’s the only way to be.  I mean, when I love someone, I love with my whole heart, you know, and how do you half love somebody? I mean, I don’t understand that, you know, cuz isn’t that, that’s just not right. So it’s either all or nothing when it comes to love for me, and it should be love for everyone, all the time.  

L: You’re all in on loving. Oh that’s beautiful.  Alright, so what is your favorite quote about love? 

T: Well, I found this in Guidepost. I used to get Guidepost, let’s see, I told you I was in my mid fifties, so probably my late twenties, early thirties, I was reading Guidepost and I found this quote from Norman Vincent, and I’m probably trashing his last name, Peale. I don’t know how to say the right name, so I’ll spell it, p e a l e. I don’t know how you say his last name.  Perfect.  Sorry Norman.  But I have made this my mission statement, pretty much since the day I read it, because it pretty much is who I want to be, and I try to strive on this at a daily basis in one small way or another, or bake.  But the quote is, “to be successful is to be helpful, caring, and constructive.  To make everything and everyone you touch a little bit better. The best thing you have to give is yourself.”   

L: Hmmm, something to think about y’all. Thank you Trish, for sharing. You’re welcome. Thank you. Your tidbits of love. So beautiful. Thank you. 

Have a good one y’all, and here’s to love. If you would like to become an expert at Loving Yourself, check out my Lovin Me Program at leannaustin.com.

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