Episode 113: Hone & Own

  Are you ready to Hone & Own a goal you’d like to accomplish?

Join us in Connection Crew, where our April focus is Hone & Own. You’ll pick one thing to work on, and hone in on getting closer to that goal, as well as own where you’re at. Together we’ll hone & one your true desires.

What are you ready to hone & own now?

Welcome to Lovin My Daughter-in-law Podcast, where my mother-in-law, relationship expert, and master certified coach, LeAnn Austin, will help you create more love and connection with your daughter-in-law and everyone else you care about.

Hey y’all, you’re listening to Lovin My Daughter-in-law, Episode #113: Hone & Own

I was running and talking with my dear friend, Liz, and she said, hone and own. I don’t even remember what we were talking about, but the hone and own rhyme and concept was like fireworks in my mind. It got me thinking. What do I hone and own?

Hone means to make something better, to sharpen skills, to practice something over and over as you move towards your goal.

Own is what we possess or belongs to us.

I’ve been on a variety of diets throughout my life. I binged for close to 40 years. And my weight has fluctuated 30 ish pounds most of my life. Now, I also have taken a lot of weight loss classes, trainings, and certifications. I know a lot about losing weight and food.

Thankfully, in the last few years, I’ve been learning about the mind management aspect of weight. Basically, our thoughts about our bodies and the foods we eat. I truly believe this is the missing piece to permanent weight loss.

I’ve been wanting to do a pull up for quite some time, and I finally owned the fact that if I’m going to do that, I want and need everything working in my favor to make this happen.

So 2024, my focus is on connection. Connection with my body, mind, and spirit. I’ve been really honing in on my food, and what makes me feel light and nourished. What fuel will help me do a pull up, and get me to and help me maintain my ideal weight.

I’m learning to hone and own where I’m at and where I want to be. I’m experimenting, seeing what works and what doesn’t work. And trying again. I’m practicing over and over. Getting stronger as I connect with my body, mind, and spirit.

I’m owning what I’m doing and what I’m not doing. And making adjustments. Small things. Which are making permanent changes in my life.

Can I do a pull up? Not yet. Am I at my ideal weight? Not yet. But I’m on that path as I hone and own my way there.

In April, our focus in Connection Crew will be Hone and Own. We will pick something that we’re individually working on, own where we’re at, and hone in on getting closer to that goal.

Come join Connection Crew. A beautiful community of people strengthening their mental and emotional muscles, creating more fun in their relationships, and hone and own you.

I promise by the end of April, you will see and think about things on a whole new level and create a connection with yourself you never thought possible.

Lucinda Williams shares: “It’s just the more you do it, the better you get. Or at least that’s how I feel in my case. I think it’s a combination of confidence and just having done it this long and just learning. I’m always learning. I’m still honing my craft.” Hmm, something to think about.

Have a good one y’all, and here’s to hone, own, and love.

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