Episode 109: Fun

 When was the last time you had fun?

If it’s been longer than a few minutes ago, this podcast is for you~

Welcome to Lovin My Daughter-in-law Podcast, where my mother-in-law, relationship expert and master certified coach, LeAnn Austin, will help you create more love and connection with your daughter-in-law and everyone else you care about.

Hey y’all, you’re listening to Lovin My Daughter-in-law, episode #109: Fun

When’s the last time you had fun? I hope it was sometime today or very recent. If not, I want to help you create more fun in your life and relationships right now. Gordon B. Hinckley said, “Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.” I totally agree. Sometimes life and relationships can be difficult and seem really heavy. And I think adding some fun to the mix, and lightening things up makes life so much more enjoyable.

We recently had a new grandbaby join our family. He has brought so much fun into our world. As I’ve been already looking for books to read him, I came across this one called Fun is a Feeling by Chara M. Curtis and illustrated by Cynthia Aldrich. I want to share the first few pages with you.

“I once met a man who had so much fun
I just had to ask him how it was done.
He juggled my question a moment or two,
then he laughed, ‘Fun or not…it’s all up to you!

Fun isn’t something or somewhere or who;
it’s a feeling of joy that lives inside of you.
You can feel happy, or you can feel sad…
Joy comes from knowing no feeling is bad.

Treasure your feelings and treat them with care.
Pay close attention to the wisdom they share.
This is the way to become your best friend,
And then–you can have fun without end!

Fun can be found wherever you go,
but there’s one more thing I think you should know.
Sometimes it hides, because fun LOVES to play,
And waits till you see things a different way.”

I love this book so much. And there is many more beautiful illustrations and insights. So I highly recommend getting it for yourself and for your grandkids.

In March, our focus in Connection Crew program will be on fun. I have a FUN acronym that I’ll be teaching, and so many fun things we’ll be talking about and doing. Connection Crew is a beautiful community of people strengthening their mental and emotional muscles, as well as creating more fun in their relationships with others and themselves.

Click on the link in the show notes or message me any time for more information. Anyone can join and it will be lots of fun.

One other one liner I love from the book. “Just open your heart and let your fun out.” Hmmm, something to think about.

Have a good one y’all, and here’s to fun and love. Come join us in Connection Crew for March. It’s going to be a ton of fun.

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