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Joy asked 8 months ago
Part of the situation is that I'm worried about my son, as your wonderful podcast guest, Eilat Aviram, mentioned as having been the trouble with her MIL.  That her MIL thought Eilat would harm him in some way.  My son's working from home now, and he's becoming overweight and out-of-shape.  On vacation in Sesame Place, I'm afraid I'll see this even more, and blame my DIL for not being concerned with him and not taking better care of him.   He's the babysitter for my 4-year-old and 2-year-old grandkids when my DIL isn't available.  He works hard, and he has long hours in front of the computer.  He hardly leaves the apartment!
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2leann answered 8 months ago

Sounds like your son is working hard, takes care of his kids, has long hours in front of the computer, and weighs more than you think he should.

A few questions to think about and respond to if you'd like:
Help me understand why we're blaming DIL for this?
Did DIL say she's not concerned about your son?
How does your son being "overweight and out-of-shape" have to do with your DIL's care of him?

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