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Lori asked 1 year ago
LeAnn, My question is. I can sit with my feelings and feel them and look for where it is in my body and how it feels, but is there more to just feeling to help solve the issues that arise? For example, my son and his wife were going to come over for dinner on Sunday. Then they were going to leave Sunday evening to go to my daughter in law's mom to spend the 4th of July with her. That's cool. I didn't have a problem with that. We arranged a time when they would come over on Sunday. Then I get a text from her sayin my son didn't feel well. So I dropped the meal off at their house. I thought to myself, my so is going to have a miraculous recovery and they would still go to see her mom. Sure enough, she snapped pictures of being at a parade with her mom. Just feeling the feels, to me, doesn't solve the problem. Do I have a conversation with them or do I just remember that I don't have control over someone else and let it go? I am to the point that I just don't care if I see them or not, ever. I am done making plans with them.
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2leann answered 6 months ago

Love that you’re gaining more awareness of your feelings and how they feel in your body.  I’m curious what you were feeling in this moment?

Feeling our emotions doesn’t necessarily “solve” the issue, however it does help us better understand and accept what’s happening in the moment, as well as helping us be more intentional about how we’re showing up.

In this situation, you get to decide whether or not you have a conversation with them.  I would question why?  Is it to make you feel better, is it to point out what you think they’re doing wrong, is it to speak your truth, or something else?

You mentioned you don’t care if you ever see them again, and are done making plans, which I’m guessing is not completely true.  It makes sense that you’re upset about the situation.

Give yourself space to be mad or whatever you’re feeling.  When we feel our emotions, rather than push them away, it helps long term that these feelings don’t keep coming up because we are allowing them rather than resisting them.  Remember, what we resist persists.

Such great questions and exploration!  Ask me more anytime.

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