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Other people need this!

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Joy asked 3 months ago
I'm beginning to feel that I'm "outgrowing" some of my closest relationships with my sisters and my friends.  I'm becoming more aware of my feelings as I feel them, and think about "changing course," and then doing something different than what I did before.  I see that they could use coaching!  I take a step back from being close with them because I no longer tolerate or put up with their ways of doing things. I don't think they like me either when I seem more distant to them by not engaging in long emails and phone calls the way I used to when we all complained, got angry, told each other off, etc.   I wish I could express the caring and love that I feel for them, in a way that they'll hear it, but I'm afraid to call, etc  because the conversation starts to spiral down negatively.  HELP!!
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2leann answered 3 months ago

Love that you're feeling and seeing the value of coaching, and it makes sense that you want your friends and family to understand it too.

We can't change other people, even though we want to.
We can continue to love ourselves which helps us better understand and love them.

A few questions to think about and respond to if you'd like:
What if you could "express the caring and love that you feel for them"?  We may not know how "they'll hear it," and that's okay.
What if the "conversation starts to spiral down negatively"?
What would loving you and then loving them do here?

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