My feelings of being ignored and unimportant

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Joy asked 10 months ago
I'm standing at the sink washing lots of dishes after a day of cooking and preparing for my company (sometimes my son & DIL, sometimes other people).  I guess I feel unappreciated for all I do, taken-for-granted.  Then those negative feelings grow, and I end up going down a rabbit hole - it's all I feel.  I can't feel any good feelings! Objectively, others do appreciate what I do - they're helpful cleaning and washing up, and they contribute to the meal.  But by the end of our time together, I feel like I'm holding an empty bag, and I'm no longer happy around them.
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2leann answered 10 months ago

Let's play with this in a model and question it...

C: Standing at sink washing dishes, cooking for X amount of hours, Doing what specific things to prepare for company? (remember we want to keep the Circumstance neutral and just the facts-that everyone would agree with)

T: I'm taken-for-granted.

F: unappreciated

A: spin in negative thoughts & feelings, judgement for myself and others, not showing up as my best self

R: I'm taking myself for granted - not loving and nourishing myself, and doing what everyone else wants rather than what I want.

Really think about why you're doing what you're doing to prepare for company.
What are some things you could stop doing or start doing that are loving to you?
What are you thinking and feeling that is "emptying your bag" and creating unhappiness for you?

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