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Joy asked 8 months ago
I go to bed too late.  I feel anxious when it's time to go to bed, like I don't want to hear my thoughts and think about all the things I haven't accomplished during the day, all the things I "should have done."  In reality, I work soooo hard!!  I hardly ever exercise.  I never take time to relax or really enjoy myself!  Instead, I buffer by overeating, watching videos, etc.  But it's very hard to actually feel disappointed in myself!
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2leann answered 8 months ago

Let's play with this in a model...

C: I go to bed at _____ time.

T: I haven't accomplished much today.

F: anxious

A: I rarely exercise, relax, or enjoy myself.  I buffer with food and videos.  I have judgments about what I "should have done"

R: I don't accomplish the things I really want to do.

Now what's interesting is you know that "in reality you work soooo hard!!"
Let's do a model with that thought...

C: I go to bed at ____ time.

T: I work so hard.

What do you think the feeling, actions and result are when you're thinking you work hard rather than you haven't accomplished much?

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