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catrionatalks@gmail.com asked 1 year ago
Hi LeAnn, I don't know whether to call this a question about my future self, or my real self - but I'm interested in doing some work in this area. Are there worksheets, podcasts or any tips you have to explore this topic? I would like to strengthen this aspect of myself to help me in moments when I have the urge to overeat, or not do my workout. I think James Clear has something on this in Atomic Habits which I will go back to, but wondered if you have any suggestions. Thanks!
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2leann answered 1 year ago

Great question and I love future self work.  I know I mention it in some of our Tuesday Calls, however I’ll do a specific class on that in the near future with more detailed information.

A few podcasts that have ideas as well:
Podcast #6: Finish
Podcast #10: The Gap & The Gain
Podcast #42: Atomic Habits

I think envisioning yourself as if you’ve already accomplished whatever it is you’re working on can be very helpful.  Be detailed and notice what you’re thinking and feeling when you’ve reached the goal you’re stiving for.

Would love to talk about this more in a Tuesday Call as well.  Bring your situation anytime.

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