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Helen asked 1 year ago
I seem to have many things going on right now how do I prioritize?   I seem to think I can do it all and then feel bad when I don't.
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2leann answered 1 year ago
Great questions, thanks for asking!

When you have lots of things going on, how do you want to prioritize?  Think about what's most important to you.  Remember the question, "If I love myself, what would I do now?"  That's a great question to ask as you're completing things you want.  Also "no" is an excellent word to use when there are things you really don't want to do.

As to your second question, "I seem to think I can do it all and then feel bad when I don't."  Curious as to why you want to do it all? 
When you feel bad, notice what you're thinking that's causing you to feel bad?  It would be helpful to get more specific and put this in a model or bring to a Tuesday Call. 

Ask yourself what the facts are (Circumstance).  What your Thought is about that?  How does that Thought make you Feel?  What are all the Actions you take when you're Feeling______ and Thinking______? And then the Result will relate back to the Thought.  Share more if you'd like and I can help you with this.
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