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Helen asked 2 years ago
Just went through your Breathing exercises.  They are great and really help me pause and reflect.   In the box breathing do you breath in with nose and out with nose?  Is there ever a time that you breath out with your mouth? Thank you for helping me realize I should take time to slow down and not feel guilty about it.
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2leann answered 2 years ago
Such a great question and love that you're trying out the Breath & Grounding Exercises. 

Breathing in and out through your nose is ideal.  That's the best way to get your breath all the way into your belly.  Mouth breathing tends to be more shallow, and is what most of us do most of the time.  So breath through your mouth when necessary, but practice breathing both in and out through your nose. 

Love that you're taking time to slow down and breathe~
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